healthy and delicious ways to maintain a balanced nutrition, with taste and wellness

Natura is created as a balance of quality, natural and carefully selected ingredients, tradition and cutting edge technology to offer the modern consumer a selected food products in line with the new needs of energy and healthy diet. This brand offers a healthy and delicious ways to maintain a balanced nutrition, with taste and wellness.

For every break during the day, one Natura snack is perfectly balanced in vegetal proteins, fibers and calories, to gives the body what it needs with an incredible taste of real fruit. On the go, every day, every time we need a break. 100% Natural, from Natura Land.

These products are made with extreme accuracy and passion by a Family Company who put all the attention in creating healthy and tasty products, simple, friendly with a colorful packages, not anonymous-industrials, different from all the other modern-industrial- standardized. The complete production is in compliance with HACCP, HALAL and with ISO9001:2008 QMS. All raw materials and final products are controlled on regular basis in authorized quality control laboratories.

Makprogres Ltd is a successful, modern and customer-oriented company located in the Eastern part of Macedonia. From small family business founded in 1990, Makprogres grow up into one of the biggest food companies in the Balkan Area, with more than 750 employees and export in more than 55 countries. Makprogres is an Industrial Group with strong social responsibility. In order to contribute to social development, the company has active cooperation with the local community to enable better life for all.